Meet Marcy Cyter

“Creativity is a lot like happiness. It shows up when you’re thinking of something else.” - Bert Dodson

Hello, my name is Marcy Cyter, and I am an oil painter based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. My work encompasses a wide range of vibrant still life and landscape subjects, often inspired by my travels throughout New England and around the world.

I grew up near the Jersey shore and have been interested in various art forms my whole life, putting together Picasso-inspired sculptures in my parents’ garage, creating large hook rugs that my mother dutifully hung in her house, drawing cartoons for my middle school newspaper (as the official artist!), and helping my mom and her decorator choose just the right color palates for every room in her custom-built lake house.

In 2007, a friend gifted me with a private lesson with a local artist who specialized in oils. I have remained a student of this wonderful artist ever since, and whenever I am in South Jersey, I continue to take classes as time permits.

Having learned so much from this professional, patient, and talented man, I now feel fully prepared and excited to guide my own students to explore their inner creativity and bring their innate artistic abilities to the foreground.