Marcy Cyter Art Studio / Gallery

Did you ever walk in to a room, event, or home and feel welcomed with warmth and a big hug? If you’ve had this experience you are very fortunate, but if you haven’t, I hope that by walking through the doors of my studio in Tulsa (2020 E. 11th Street) you will experience the epitome of “warm and fuzzy” as you’re inspired by beautiful art.

As you step in from historic Route 66, feel free to leave the hustle and bustle of the world behind you. Take a seat in the comfortable sitting area, have a complimentary cup of coffee, a cookie, a piece of cake, or some chocolate while you soak in the magnificent art throughout the gallery.

While you’re here, you might just get reacquainted with your own creative side. Take some time to watch the magic at the easel, and please feel free to ask me about technique, color, subjects, or any other aspect of the art. If you really feel inspired, I’d love to share more about my private lessons.

Although the main focus of the Marcy Cyter, Art Studio/Gallery is original oil paintings on canvas and other media, I have also expanded my repertoire to feature gifts and merchandise, including note cards, mugs, placemats, canvas bags, and decorative pillows — all imprinted with images of my oil paintings.

As you explore the gallery, you will also experience the work of other guest artists that I’m honored to showcase. These pieces range from soft and cuddly hand-knitted animals and blankets to hand-beaded necklaces. You will also find a variety of projects of my own, including a collection of hand-beaded necklaces (which are currently in progress!)

While the gallery’s hours of operation are a bit irregular, please feel free to call 609-432-7683 for an appointment, or just stop by if you see the lights on in the studio. You will always be welcomed with a smile.


2020 E 11th St
Tulsa, OK 74104

The new Marcy Cyter Art Studio/Gallery is now open right on Tulsa's Route 66, and many of my paintings are on display. Come by for sales, private lessons, and good conversation.